Friday, January 22, 2016

The Beginning

My name is Hector Vazquez; I am a new transfer here in Miami Palmetto Senior High. Baseball is my passion and I truly love the game. I came from Felix Varela, but I'm happy to call Palmetto my home now. I can see big things happening this year and I am totally excited for the baseball season this year. Our team is stacked with great players I can see lots of wins and a state championship this year. We have to keep working though, we need to bond, practice extremely hard, and become brother all the way through. I'm happy I am on this team and program. The Panthers Baseball program is well structured and organized. We have an amazing time in practices but, we get our work done. We have an outstanding coaching staff made up of, Coach Smith and Coach Steiner. Coach Smith is a tough, serious coach and has lots of information to give me as a pitcher because he was a great one back in the day. Coach Steiner is just the same but, he is way more loose and loves to crack jokes like a clown. Well the season is right around the corner and the team is pumped, the team is ready, and the team is PANTHER STRONG.

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