Friday, February 12, 2016

Beginning of the Season

The season has started and we are doing decent so far. Our first game of the season was an easy win against Keys Gate Charter. We won the game 15-0. Our offense was outstanding the entire game, we scored at least two runs per inning. Our pitching and defense was amazing, Hector Vazquez had a shutout game with five strikeouts. The coaches were very proud of the entire team, but the team got cocky and let their guard down for their next game. Our next game was against Braddock High School. We lost 15-1 which is very ironic isn't it. Our pitching staff caused our defeat; it was not on point at all. Pitching was terrible; they were not hitting their spots that led to over 10 hits. Defense and offense was pretty well overall. I believe we can comeback from this loss and win next Saturday against Southwest High School. 

According to many team members, they believe that we are low on good pitching this season. They think Hector Vazquez might the only chance for the Panthers to go far this season. Hector Vazquez's response was, " I will use all my power and strength this year to make a statement and make it to June 9th", he seems pumped, but we will see if his words will come reality. 


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    1. Just like your teammates I have hope on your pitching, lets hope your hard work pays off. Panther strong! ps. As for my previous comment I commented that I have faith for the palmetto baseball team!