Friday, April 22, 2016


The season may be over for the Panthers, but this year's seniors will live on to become successful men. Head Coach Smith's goal was to make every single player that came to the program become a young man when they leave high school. I believe Coach Smith is a great coach; he has taught us a lot and disciplined us for life out there. All the seniors were able to become young men; they all decided where they wanted to for college and study what they want to major in. Some players have even received baseball scholarships to colleges and universities. For example, Alan Alonso committed to play baseball for a junior college in Missouri and Hector Vazquez committed to play baseball at St. Thomas University as a pitcher. Furthermore, there are many players from the team that are going to college to study what they love and maybe tryout for baseball. For example, Victor Lovo is going to the University of Central Florida to study economics and Ryan Booth is going there as well to study physical therapy. The best part is they will be roommates there and will train to eventually tryout to walk on as baseball players there. Being a Panther is more than what you think; the program will make you...



  1. Congrats on St. Thomas University! Chase those baseball dreams.

  2. Your coach seems like a great guy!