Thursday, May 19, 2016

Baseball Brought Us Together

Last night, the entire Panther Organization, everyone who was a part of the Panthers 2016 season, joined together for the end of the year baseball banquet. Everyone who attended the banquet went in very dressy attire. The parents, players, coaches and girlfriends all looked great and ready to enjoy the rest of the night. First, once you came in you had to check-in with the list and then we all socialized for a good hour while eating plenty of appetizers. Then, the doors to the banquet room have oped and everyone took a seat with their clique or family. The announcer then came up to announce how the banquet will play out and congratulated everyone who participated in the 2016 season. After, everyone was served their dinner and we ate a video was presented that showed pictures and memories of the three teams this year. Later, the award ceremony had begun and many talented players were rewarded. Moreover, the seniors were given a tribute and everyone was very proud of what they done. The seniors had also slow danced with their mothers and it was very adorable according to the others. Overall, it was very special night for everyone and some people will leave, but will not be forgotten...


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  1. The banquet sounded like it was a ton of fun and very memorable. Congratulations on a great season.