Friday, March 4, 2016

The Buccaneers Prevailed

The Palmetto Panthers suffered a tragic district loss against  the South Dade Buccaneers. The Buccaneers are ranked #1 in Florida for high school baseball. We wanted to make a statement and win against them so everyone can know who we are. All this excitement to win just backfired on us when we lost 10-0. Hector Vazquez was on the mound pitching for the Panthers that night. He pitched a great game, but there were too many errors on the field and caused a four run lead. Thats not all that caused our defeat; our offense just couldn't hit while we had runner on base. After, Hector Vazquez was taken off the mound by Coach Smith, all hell broke loose and South Dade scored six more runs to finish the game.

The Panther did not only lose that game while on the field, but many things before that game caused our defeat. Their last few practices have been terrible, players have shown up late, there has been no discipline, and everything has been sloppy. Coach Smith was not happy at all with this so he decided to take action. He sat us all down for a team meeting and basically said things are going to be different
from now on. He said we need haircuts, clean shave, and give it our all from now on for the rest of our lives. Therefore, the team decided to all get buzz cuts together for team bonding, which was by far the worst idea we have ever had! The Panthers will take on the Coral Reef Cudas this Saturday on our home turf, so be there! The Panthers will come back!

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