Friday, March 11, 2016

The Panthers are on a Roll

The Palmetto Panthers are on a nice winning streak this week. They were able to beat their opponents the past three games. First, they beat their district rivals, the Coral Reef Cudas, which are not very good this year. We should of knocked them out quickly, but we were able to beat them 4-2. Our offense has awaken in this game because everyone was able to hit the ball very well for the most part. Nick Labrada through a good game, but he could of pitched a lot better. Plus, our defense has been getting better lately which is crucial in baseball.

Next, the Panthers faced the Killian Cougars and it was a very intense, nail-biting game. This game decided if we would stay in second place in our district. We defeated the Cougars 2-0 and basically made them feel like little kitty cats. They were very disappointed for losing and the Panthers felt amazing, so they celebrated together at Hole in the Wall! Matt Turner pitched an outstanding complete game against Killian, which led to our victory! Our offense made a few mistakes, but it was good enough to win.

Finally, we absolutely destroyed the Homestead Broncos! They were the worse team we have faced this season so far. We knocked them out 16-1 and went home and celebrated. Our offense is what led to our victory we had more than ten hits that game and just kept scoring on their mistakes. The Panthers will be facing the Southridge Spartans at their home next week and they better be ready for our claws. 



  1. sweet hector its good see the baseball team getting better.

  2. Beating Coral Reef must have been a great feeling!