Friday, March 18, 2016

The Winning Streak

The Palmetto Panthers are on an amazing winning streak towards the end of the season. They have won five straight and will be playing the Homestead Broncos later on today. They are hoping to win this district game and increase their winning streak to six straight. The Panthers did win their last district battle against the Broncos last week very easily, so hopefully they can do it again. Panther Baseball has been making a lot of noise lately and they will continue to get lots of attention if the winning continues. Since, the team has received buzz cuts after their last defeat against the South Dade Buccaneers they have been victorious since that day.

The Panthers will be on a huge journey to Sarasota this spring break to one of the biggest tournaments of the year. I believe they will be making even more noise up there while playing what they love to do. At the same time they will be on vacation together bonding, relaxing, and having a great time. Also, Head Coach Danny Smith made a bet a few weeks ago about winning five straight games and the Panthers actually completed it. The team will all be receiving brand new pairs of cleats. Soon the whole district will be jealous of the Palmetto Panthers and how fresh they look. Although, we are all animals on the field and the opponent will be our prey.



  1. LMK when you get a homerun. Palmetto sports are finally stepping up.

  2. Congratulations on the win streak and good look at your tournament!